Our Hardcore 7-Day Protocol Finally REVEALED!

“We will show you in the video below, how you can put on 20 lbs (9 kg) of lean mass in less than 7 days
while staying perfectly healthy.”

– designed by Coach Trevor & Tony Huge.


As Seen On:

“Our 7-day program has only been available to very few top athletes until now. So this is your chance to join in and become a part of the EA Inner Circle (with limited spots). Among other top kept secrets we will also reveal my secret protocol that will allow you to build huge amounts of permanent muscle while burning fat and staying in perfect health.

“Learn the 7-day secret technique that I only shared with my clients until NOW!”

Coach Trevor

We have accumulated knowledge over the years of research, lab work, and self-experimentation that becomes sought after by the best of the best in the fitness industry. After we opened our YouTube channel and started sharing our knowledge openly. The messages from fans swarmed us. The number of requests for coach Tony and I gets every day got to the point where we had to sit down and figure out a way to bring this knowledge to you.

– Coach Trevor

People who reach out to us typically share the same struggle. They want to know the most effective and efficient way to reach their perfect physique!

So they search the internet in hopes to finally find the protocol that actually works. The problem is, that there are a lot of fake natties.

These pretenders will try to promise you all the gains. Just to provide you with the same copy-pasted meal-plan and workout plan, that is outdated and not tailored to your needs.  These people are usually only good at taking pictures and making flexing videos. But when it comes to real knowledge and real coaching experiments with results they have none.

Not only these people lack the knowledge to be coaching somebody they also lie about what they are taking in order to keep their mainstream supplement and clothing sponsorships.

This frustration leads us to finally develop a program that we would use and recommend to our clients.

I’m sure are smart enough to realize that most of the stuff out there is a complete scam! These fitness gurus are telling you to take protein powder, BCAAs while they are following unnatural protocols developed by people like myself decades ago.  That’s why you see them avoiding a certain type of questions like the plague and never reveal their blood works.

Well we are different we don’t have any sponsors, so we are free to do things our way.  All of my real stuff was hidden for a long time until Tony Huge convinced me to share them with you in the EA Inner Circle.

But from the beginning, I told everyone involved this is not going to be another cookie-cutter useless coaching program with 30 years old information.

“If we’re gonna do, it has to be the most complete, most revealing coaching programs ever done.”

“Get the info now from us directly or get it from your personal trainer 15 years later “

“Why would you do something for 10 months if it can be done in 7 days ?”

4 Principles of EA Inner Circle



Even though the primary focus of this program is to build muscles. We Are pioneering human evolution in many other aspects too, whether it’s productivity, energy levels, anti-aging, or bedroom performance everything will be shared,   and all the questions answered.



No more lies. No more BS protein powder, BCAA supplement protocols, that don’t work. No more general workout plans and diet plans from the ’60s. In the EA Inner Circle, we are operating under the no BS policy, we will spill all the beans.



We will show how to avoid all the side-effect and how to monitor your health to make sure you’re staying at your optimal health.



We share the latest info openly. We share our sources and the best deals!

There is just 1 big problem with all of this: YOU NEED GUIDANCE!

Well I know it is obvious. You want everything listed above. But do you really know where to start? How far did your knowledge bring you until now?
What if I tell you there is a stupidly simple system everyone can do with some specific adjustments for yourself.

 Would that help you? It would make sure you would finally STOP wasting time in the gym and make permanent changes in the most effective way.

The solution:

Join EA Inner Circle

Join EA Inner Circle today and become a part of the movement!

Get full access to all 7-day transformation protocols we did, everything you need to know under 1 roof, and personalized to your specific needs.

Be careful, this is probably the most hardcore tribe you will join!

Tony Huge and Coach Trevor put in all the secret information on this program which they can´t share openly. Let’s be honest. Not everyone is ready for the truth and we only want to surround ourselves with people that are the real deal. We put all the Enhanced Athlete coaches together and build a huge platform around it. You will learn everything you need to do the 7-day transformation on your own.

!! Attention before you scroll down be aware of this !!

If you are a weak boy that does not want to change himself and is not ready to join the secret underground community of pioneers THEN…


This is not a club for wannabes or people that not committed 100%!

We believe in what we do and expect the same from you.

“I promise that I am a real pioneer and willing to give 100% to achieve all my dreams and become superhuman. I am the right person to be a part of  the #1 secret circle in bodybuilding and fitness.”

What is Included in the 7-Day Transformation Program?

In-depth video guide on how to do the 7-day transformation:

We have recorded a step-by-step guide on what “supplements” to take, where to get them, and how to properly workout. This will be a growing system that you will be able to access for a lifetime.

Hyperplasia workout guide to split muscle cells:

This is not your typical workout plan! Your typical internet workout guide will show you how to do build bigger muscle cells(hypertrophy). But this is not enough for us. We are showing you how to “duplicate” your existing muscle cells to get permanent gains.  NOTE: Do not work out like this for longer than 10 days.

Essential meal plan to 10X your efforts:

This is the only thing that 99% of our test candidates from the 7-day transformations did wrong! Your nutrition on this transformation has to be completely different from what you are used to. We will give you exactly how many calories to eat and sample meals to cook.

BONUS NO 1: Access to 7-day MASS BLAST

This program will show you how to build as much muscle as possible without stressing about some small fat gains. From our experience, most people even lose fat during this protocol.

BONUS NO 2:  Access to 7 days UPPER or LOWER body BLAST

Yes, you heard me right. We listened to you guys and developed a program where you don`t need to worry about your legs much or don’t need to worry about your upper body. Whatever you want to focus on will grow more.

BONUS NO 3: Access to 7-day BUDGET FRIENDLY transformation

The programs listed above are all very cheap compared to what you would have to spend otherwise on those results. But to help everyone out who is trying to save money or simply does not want to spend too much money on supplements, we break down every little cost. Everything will be calculated for you from the food you have to eat to the supplements so you can make your own informed decision.

+ priceless ask us anything support.

This is not just another program on the internet. We actually care about you, if you become one of us and join the inner circle. That’s why we decided to give unlimited support to everyone who joins. In the member area, you will be able to request new features and your questions will be answered with detailed videos.







Only  $97


Until 50 spots fill up $397

Get started right away and be a part of this special Launch offer.

Including a 60 day money-back guarantee.

Skeptics always turn up with this argument:

“Nobody can gain 3-10kg (6-22 lbs) of pure muscle in one week!”

Water retention gets worse towards the last days of a cycle and will definitely be part of the growth BUT here comes the better half of the truth: Simply using diuretics will flush the excess water make real gains visible.

The first guy we have observed this theory on gained 14 kg in one week and kept 10kg after one week. There were even multiple participants who went into PCT after the 7-day transformation and kept 60-80% of their muscle from that blast. Most people keep 100% if they just stay on TRT after the protocol. So yes, there is water retention but even after it comes off you will keep around 3-10kg of the mass depending on your previous setpoint.


“Don’t be discouraged by half a truth.”

➥ Water retention gets worse towards the last days of a cycle and will definitely be part of the growth BUT here comes the better half of the truth:

Simply using diuretics will flush the excess water to make real gains visible.

The first guy we have observed this theory on gained 14kg (30 lbs) in one week and kept 10kg (22 lbs) after one week. There were even multiple participants who went into PCT after the 7-day transformation and kept 60-80% of their muscle from that blast. Most people keep 100% if they just stay on TRT after the protocol. So yes, there is water retention but even after it comes off you will keep around 3-10kg (6-22 lbs) of the mass depending on your previous setpoint.

“But this must be super unhealthy!”

➥ Yes, it would be very unhealthy IF we would do it over a prolonged period, but we know better not to. We keep these cycles really short. The side effects from the compounds usually build up and get worse over time. In this protocol, we are laying off way before these unwanted effects pan out. The no. 1 bottleneck of muscle growth is myostatin. It blocks muscle growth but it can not increase fast enough during the blast.

I want to have some real talk now:

This is not your typical 12-week challenge bullshit. It is a complete mindset and lifestyle shift.

“How long do you want to lie to yourself?”

You probably said many times to yourself that you want to look like this or that guy. But did you really do something about it? How many years have passed since then?



 It is the same as all the days where you lied to yourself.

1. You want to take action but not today because tomorrow I will be busy… Bullshit! No for real. We don´t even want to help you if you think this way. A true pioneer is acting NOW and not maybe tomorrow.

Please leave this page RIGHT NOW!

2. You are taking action right away by joining the EA Inner Circle today! You are making the right decision by being a part of this. It does not matter what your body goals are. Choose it yourself but choose wisely.



A Documentary Based On Our Program


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I ask anything?

Yes, you can ask absolutely anything, if you know us you know we’re as open as we can be.

Is analyzing my blood work included as well?

We have a more advanced section for that, where you can talk to one of your preferred enhanced athlete coaches directly. 

Am I getting a customised diet and workout plan for my needs?

Yes, our diet and workout plans are 100% customized and review by EA coaches. You will be given a lengthy questionnaire that will help us prepare a specific plan just for you.  

Am I going to get access to your sources?

Yes, we will share with you all the sources and products we have personally lab tested and that we personally use. We will also try to get you the best prices by giving you the coupon codes whenever we can.

Can I talk to Trevor or any other coach directly?

Every member of the EA Inner Circle has the option to book a call with our available coaches. 

Is it a one time payment?

Yes, it is. You will have lifetime access to all the updates and deals as well.

Is this for natural athletes as well?

Yes! This program is suitable for all levels of experience, from complete beginners all the way up to more advanced lifters.