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I’m Yicheng Hu

I am an ACE certificated Personal Trainer and a Musclemania Pro bodybuilder. Not only do I want to pursuit great achievements in my bodybuilding career, but also I am here to share my knowledge and coach any person who wants to achieve their personal goals in fitness. I gained all my knowledge by doing extensive research online and learning from my coach IFBB legend Stan Mcquay and other bodybuilding icons in the bodybuilding mecca—-gold’s gym Venice. No matter you want to be a serious competitor, or just want to lose some weight or gain some muscles you can ask me anything. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the consultation include?

The consultation is customized to whatever you would like to cover, whether it be workout guidance, nutrition tips, or just some extra motivation! This includes 30 minutes of 1-on-1 phone time with me, in which we discuss your challenges, goals, and anything else you’d like.

Can I book more than 30 minutes?

No, I currently only offer 30-minute consultations. You can however book multiple slots if you’d like, but from my experience, I find 30-minute segments is just the right amount of time to address specific issues.

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