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 Get custom ped cycles

What if you could 10x your gym results with no extra effort? 

Break your plateaus in the gym and get into stunning shape without compromising your health and waisting years by doing weak protocols. 

EA Inner Circle is a community of uncensored education so you can make your own informed decisions choosing your approach to building muscle and losing fat based on your goals and risk tolerance.  

This group is created to correct a phenomenon and atrocity against truth known as “Fake Natty” whereby those who control the fitness media and education censored the truth in favor of marketing propaganda.

The “Fake Natty’s”, Bodybuilding coaches, and Professional athletes are my friends.  I am not saying they didn’t work hard or that they are not being as honest as they can be.  Hate the game, not the players.  The players are just making a living within a corrupt system set in motion by companies that monopolized the industry early on and must enforce the Fake Natty Culture to preserve the monopoly.

Almost all Instagram fitness models, bodybuilders, jacked chiseled YouTubers, etc. are sponsored by “mainstream supplement” companies, or trying to secure a new such contract. They cannot reveal honestly what they do or take because usually it directly conflicts with mainstream propaganda.  Usually, they are signed under contracts that prevent them to tell you what they are really doing and taking. Instead, they are forced to push protein powders, BCAAs, and all kinds of necessary nonsense products.

They don’t want the competition.  If everyone had access to the information they have then they would lose their advantage.  This is normal… every champion has secrets to their success they will never reveal.  But this seriously hinders science and human progress.  My approach is that we share the information and then use that as a stepping stone to get to the next stage of human evolution faster. Plus there are a lot of people thinking they are using the right secrets but are actually using an inferior more health harmful approach and they also would benefit from sharing their protocols to get feedback to improve.

They just want to protect their “Hard-working” and “Hard dieting” image. We’re not saying they don’t work and diet hard some do, but it’s definitely not all they are doing. They are just no giving you a full picture.  

This is the reason that even though you follow everything they say you look nothing like them…

Because they are not saying everything they do.

And then Enhanced Athlete was born…

the fastest growing fitness youtube channel and freedom movement of its time until it got shut down from every angle by the mainstream supplement industry and big pharma trying to cover up the findings that would change the game for bodybuilding and enhancement forever.  After years of creating more channels, websites, social media just to constantly be censored,


as a solution to rebuild our community in a safe space away from the mainstream.

If you ever wondered how the Pro bodybuilders, IG, and Youtube models get their physiques?

I also did, and I studied it for the last 20 years.  But it wasn’t until I started self experimenting with all the compounds that gave me the critical context and then traveling around the world to learn from the best of the underground that all the puzzle pieces to become superhuman came together.  So now the underground experts and I transfer all this knowledge to you.

We layout all the secrets of advanced supplementation, biology, and chemistry.

But we don’t just look historically at what they did and took.

We experiment on ourselves with what’s even newer and better to design the protocols that will be used 10 years from now.

After being censored I changed emphasis from influencing end-users to influencing coaches and others who could act as leaders to spread the new theories of bodybuilding and that had a significant impact as now when I search on youtube many of our highly controversial theories and approaches are now becoming accepted 4 years later.  
So now its time for you to get the information first hand without having to wait 4 years for the watered-down version.

The knowledge base in EA Inner Circle represents the underground findings of top experts in the field, hormone doctors, bodybuilding chemists, university researchers in fields of biology and chemistry, all collaborated with our own self-experiments.

We agreed with some of the most shredded athletes and biggest bodybuilders to share their secrets without disclosing their specific identity although you will be able to make the inferences. We have experimented with hundreds of people from amateurs to Olympia Bodybuilders. We have exchanged out data with other top fitness coaches and created the most accurate repository of bodybuilding information.

We have taken that knowledge and experimented for years to find out what really works and what doesn’t.

We have Pioneered human evolution.

So you don’t have to and start using what’s proven to work to

“Pioneer your own transformation”.

Result of all that theoretical knowledge and real-world experimentation is summarized by what I call:


Anabolic Matrix is a combination of:

PED Cycle Program

Once you understand the science then you can easily make your own cycles and protocols.  But I know that can be a daunting task with a lot of second-guessing, so now EA Inner Circle has a PED Cycle program where a cycle is designed for you using the Anabolic Matrix and reviewed by experts.

What’s been hidden for so long,

is now available to you!


But wait, I wanna stay “Natural”!

Before you start claiming to be “Natural” learn how to read food and supplement labels.

You are no natural unless you’re living in a jungle or on some island hippie community. 

Our food, culture, and environment have been unnatural for a long time.

Everything is GMO modified, full of chemicals, MSG, and pesticides. Supplements are full of unnatural ingredients and heavy metals. 

Instead of obsessing about being “Natural” you should start monitoring your health markers and obsess about being “Healthy”.
Being “Healthy” is attainable and better than “Natural”, and being healthy often means taking unnatural things to counteract an unnatural environment and make our bodies and minds even healthier and better in every way than if we were “Natural”.

Enough talking!

Show me some results!

Messages from our members:

This program is amazing so easy to follow and the workout it’s just perfect. I started last week and it’s kicking my ass every muscle in my body is on fire”

Curry Wilson

Great program! Workouts are great, easy to follow video instructions. I really appreciate how they provide uncensored information.”

Ian Riek

Did we shutter your reality on what’s possible in 7 days?



Your own personalized PED cycle based on your health metrics, goals, and current stats.


A detailed explanation of how, when, what, and how much to take.


Educational video on each compound so you are fully educated and know what you’re doing.


Weekly live streams with Dr. Tony Huge and other very experienced bodybuilding coaches, unpublished/uncensored video library, fat loss protocol.


A database of exercises, we will talk about new exercises, details, angles, how to use mind and muscle connection.


Discounts and deals on sources and products that we trust and personally use.


BONUS: custom meal plan & workout plan.


Please do NOT buy this service if:


If you believe that fitness influencers are “Natural".


If you believe that mainstream supplements (think BCAAs, Protein powder) is absolutely necessary to get Jacked or Shredded.


If you don’t understand the difference between being “Natural” and being “Side effect free and healthy"


If you enjoy spending hours and hours in the gym and see mediocre results.


If you prefer to accomplish something in 10 years what can be done in months/weeks.


If you don’t believe that being more jacked and shredded increases your confidence in the workplace or in your business and success rate with the ladies.


If you cannot consume digital content, don’t know how to use a mobile phone, computer and don’t have access to the internet.


If you're looking for 1 on 1 coaching do not buy this program, this is not a 1 on 1 coaching program with daily feedback from a coach. This a group coaching/educational program.


If you're looking for detailed coaching leading up to a bodybuilding competition, do not buy this program it's not for you. You can use this program as education material on advanced cutting edge bodybuilding/health/performance enhancement. But you will still need a competition prep coach to work with you on details related to competition prep.



People who are looking to 10x their results with advanced biology and chemistry.


People who have reached their fitness plateau (natural or enhanced) and what to move to the next level.


People who like actionable fast information server on the silver platter, don’t like to waste 100s of hours researching.


Don’t Lose Something You Have Worked So Hard On.
Start Preserving Your Gains Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What about side effects?
Our programs a designed in a way that is SIDE EFFECT FREE. You should choose to “push it” you will also learn how to prevent and deal with side effects.
I’m I going to receive a 1 on 1 coaching?

No, this is not a 1 on 1 coaching program. However, we try to explain everything in upmost detail on the result page. You will be instructed exactly what to do, what to take, how to take it when to take it. Also what no to do. There are also lengthy.

How do I know this is not another copy pasted program, just like everyone else?

Buy it twice change one details and you will get different recommendations. That’s how you know. Also each month you have a chance to get a newly updated program as your stats and goals are changing.

Why is this better than 1 on 1 coaching or a program designed by hand by a fitness coach?

A fitness coach no matter how good he is, he only has access to public studies (so do we) and his own experience from coaching people if you’re lucky his own experience doing it himself and achieving great results. We have access to hundreds/thousands of data points, an advanced algorithm that analyses them, and experience from dozens of coaching who coached hundreds of clients and combined in 1 database.

Are my results/recommendations reviewed by a real human coach?

Yes, 100%! In fact, your results/recommendations are reviewed by 2 coaches independently who review adjust your results/recommendations. Making sure everything is done right.

Am I going to get access to your sources?

Yes, we will share with you all the sources and products we have personally lab tested and that we personally used. We will also try to get you the best prices by giving you the coupon codes whenever we can.

No more excuses!

Now youre gonna be equipped with all the advanced knowledge so you cannot say but they are doing this and that and I dont know how to do it. None of that! Get to work!

Those who show us the best transformations and dedication will be invited to train with us at the famous Muscle Factory in Bangkok, Thailand a new home of Tony Huge and Pioneers of human evolution. 

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